There are 3 types of immigration, most commonly in Flora are:
  1. Migrant workers
  2. Refugees / asylum seekers
  3. Family reunification with norwegians or immigrants.

The municipality's immigrant center takes care of the reception and settlement of refugees / immigrants.

Refugees have the right and an obligation to carry out our introductory program

Who can participate in the program?

The introduction program is a training program for newly arrived refugees who are resident in Flora municipality in agreement with the alien-government (IMDi). Family reunification refugees can also attend. The objective is to become financially independent through education or job.

Prerequisite for participation are as follows:
  • you need a basic qualification
  • you are aged 18 to 55 years
  • you have lived in the country less than two years
What's introductory program?

Introductory Program consists of Norwegian training, community knowledge, various courses and language and labor practices. The program is run continuously throughout the year, full time, can last up to three years. It is made individually for each participant, based on the individual's training needs. Participation in the introductory-sprogram trigger introductory benefit.

The contact person (program guides)

Each participant is assigned a personal contact at an immigrant center. Your personal contact provides necessary assistance and support throughout the program period.